Methods for Cleansing Gemstones

March 5, 2016

Why should you cleanse your gemstones?

Crystals, at their optimal, cleansed state, tend to have a high vibration. Negative energies, such as negative emotions or physical pain, tend to resonate at a lower frequency/vibration. The crystals will absorb this energy increasing your health and well being but this will mean the crystal will cease to have a high vibration and will become ineffective.  



  • Salt water: Certain crystals that are not water soluble can be left to soak in a container of sea water or water with cooking salt in it for anywhere between 1-24 hours. The crystal needs to be completely submerged for this method to be effective. Crystals can be left submerged for up to a week for a deeper cleanse. The gemstone should be rinsed off afterwards to remove any remaining salt. Do not reuse the left over salt water for future cleansing. Rocks that should not use this method are: porous stones, rocks containing metals, have a water content (etc opal), and soft stones such as talc.
  • Dry salt: Half fill a bowl with either sea salt or cooking salt and place the crystals on top. You can also bury them for a deeper cleanse. They should be left here between 1-48 hours. The crystals should again be rinsed after cleansing to remove excess salt.