Event – Gut Health

February 10, 2016

The Vasi Centre is proud to present Dr Peter Dingle along with  a variety of speakers who are happy to share their views and knowledge with us, while it may not be that perfect cure it will give us a little more insight on OUR GUT  and the knowledge to perhaps make more informed choices.

Join us at BAKER’S HOUSE, 

10 Welcome Meander 

Harrisdale WA  6112


SUNDAY 10th April 2016 

from 3.00PM TO 630PM

Refreshments & Merchandise Available

This event is FREE and numbers are strictly limited to venue size

Tickets available at   http://www.eventbrite.

October 2, 2015
THE iconic Healthy Eating Pyramid has had its first makeover in nearly two decades, with sugar and junk food completely banned, and replaced with “healthy fats” and niche food items such as tofu and quinoa.

Nutrition Australia’s new pyramid will no longer spruik even a modicum of junk food: today, it is all about legumes, soy milk, soba noodles and tofu, which have never before been given a place on the previously three-tiered food pyramid. Nutrition Australia chief executive Lucinda Hancock said that the whole grains food group has been expanded to include “quinoa and soba noodles, and the dairy section includes soy milk to represent calcium-fortified dairy alternatives”.