Some Do’s and Don’ts for Essential Oils

August 25, 2015


Avoid the hazardous essential oils

For children use only one half to one percent dilution of essential oils.

Keep oils away from light and heat sources

Do not take orally, unless with professional supervision


Take heed of oils to avoid during pregnancy.

Use at one per cent (or less) dilution during pregnancy

Be aware of individual sensitivities, eg high blood pressure or allergies.

Do not use near eyes

Do patch tests if prone to sensitivities

Use extra care on broken or damaged skin

Avoid phototoxic essential oils with a history of skin cancer.

Use only genuine and authentic essential oils

Ask for help, if in doubt

Never decanter oil into plastic bottles and avoid rubber droppers as some oils will melt plastic.

Keep essential oils out of reach of children


Essential Oil Companion – Tinderbox Cassandra Menard

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