Why not ask “The Vasi Centre”

March 30, 2018

ask vasi centreIn an ever-changing and innovative world of healing choices, our healthcare system is becoming progressively segmented. Each segment is evolving at such a rapid pace with technology in the forefront but we seem to be losing the connections between segments. A little like a chain without the links.

Each segment of our system, “our links” from the GP to the specialist to the surgeon seem to work wonderfully well and we are all familiar with the process until we come to the aftercare. This is one area where our links become a little weak. The relief of finally having that life-altering surgery, followed by the frustration of the, “what now?” or the “is this it?” feeling.

Subconsciously we know that there should be something else but unsure just what it is, who to ask and where to go. There have been many instances where the surgery was a success but because of the lack of aftercare at the onset, for example, physiotherapy, hydrotherapy or indeed any other healing options, recovery can and has been put back for many months.

One of the objectives of “The Vasi Centre” is to answer the “what now” questions by providing people with healing choices.

Whilst working with the many practitioners and healthcare providers including those from the alternative arena to ensure the “chain links” are visible, strong and varied.

We at “The Vasi Centre” believe that healing works on all levels, physical, mental and spiritual and by providing healing choices across all areas we are ensuring that there are many more links to choose from.