Feldenkrais Method





Feldenkrais Method is a holistic healing modality or exercise therapy designed by Moshe Feldenkrais (1904-1984).  It aims to improve body movement in function, efficiency and psychological state by reorganizing connections between the brain and body.


Healing of repetitive strain injuries, pressure on joints and other weak points are eased resulting in a general improvement of well-being.


The Feldenkrais method is considered part of integrative/complementary medicine.  According to Feldenkrais good health is founded on good function.  Self-education is central to the practice.


Pupils are taught to become aware of their movements to discover areas of stress and strain.   Acting on this information leads to a re-education of the nervous system.  The method uses slow gentle repetitive movements and attempts to teach new patterns.


The method has proven its self especially beneficial to musicians and also to athletes, children with autism, people with special needs and people suffering from degenerative diseases. 

Awareness through movement (ATM) is a related practice that involves thinking, sensing, moving and imagining.  In Functional Integration (FI) the practitioner’s hands guide the movements of the patient in order to achieve and experience greater freedom of movement.


Scientific studies confirm the effectiveness of the Feldenkrais method.


Note: You may be eligible for a rebate for Feldenkrais under the following in Australia

Private Health Insurers


National disability Insurance scheme (NDIS)




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