Galactic Reiki


Galactic Reiki is traditional Usui Reiki teachings enhanced with the Sacred Symbols of the Stars. Tonnings and Star Language


Galactic Reiki takes your healing to a whole new level!


With the foundation being the traditional elements of Usui Reiki (balancing and restoring the body’s flow of natural life force), and working with the sacred geometry frequencies of light known as the Sacred Symbols of the Stars, a Galactic Reiki session gives your healing a boost into the next dimension.


Each symbol was created with higher-dimensional galactic frequencies, and holds a unique frequency of light that is encoded with activational healing energies.


The high vibrational frequencies of each symbol work on the subtle energy of the body, including karmic and ancestral lineages, and can take you on a profound journey to the stars and back.


Just some of the many examples that the Sacred Symbols can assist with during a healing are:


Activating expansion and manifestation

Accessing past lives

Clearing family, karmic and ancestral timelines

Reclaiming your gifts Clearing poverty consciousness

Downloading your divine blueprint 

Creating portals to access stellar frequencies

Connecting to your Guides, the Angelic Realm and your Galactic Family

Creating a safe space to work/play/rest in Connecting you to Unconditional Love and Universal Guidance

Enhancing psychic gifts

Working with time and space

Anchoring higher energies