Gem Stones used to Reduce Stress



Most gemstones have stress relieving qualities whether they balance the emotions, bring problems to the surface, relieve negative energies, lighten the mood of the wearer, or calms the mind.


The most effective gemstones to use for relieving stress as a whole are:


  • Amethyst: Calms harsh emotions and brings stability
  • Clear quartz: Releases blocked emotions and aids with clarity of thought. This stone is very calming
  • Labradorite: Calms an over active mind
  • Fluorite: Neutralizes negative energies and stress
  • Moonstone: Soothes emotional instability and stabilizes the emotions
  • Aquamarine: An extremely calming stone, aquamarine reduces stress and quietens the mind
  • Malachite: Absorbs negative energies and balances mood swings
  • Rose quartz: Alleviates emotional stress, particularly to do with love and relationships
  • Smoky quartz: A powerful detoxifier, smoky quartz neutralizes negative energies while bringing calmness and lifting stress, anxiety, and depression

Other crystals that have more specific healing properties relating to stress include:


  • Tourmaline: A strong grounding and stabilizing stone
  • Tiger’s eye: Dispels fear and anxiety. Stabilizes mood swings and releases tension
  • Bronzite: Repels negative energies and releases emotional tension
  • Carnelian: Powerful calming stone
  • Aragonite: Powerfully stabilizing. Helps with patience and combats anger and emotional stress
  • Copper: Releases tension and frustration
  • Amber: Powerful cleanser. Draws negative energies from the body and alleviates stress
  • Topaz: Releases tension and stabilizes emotion
  • Calcite: Incredibly grounding, lessens fear, and reduces stress
  • Adventurine: Stabilizes emotions and calms anger and irritation
  • Turquoise: Dispels negative energies and balances mood swings, bringing inner calm
  • Purpurite:  Relaxing and calming crystal, encourages self peace and acceptance



The Essential Crystal Handbook – Simon and Sue Lilly

Kiara James