Clear Quartz


Clear quartz, also commonly known as rock crystal, is the purest form of quartz. The more colourless and transparent the crystal, the purer it is. This form of quartz is the most common form, and the quartz mineral itself is the second most abundant mineral in the Earth’s continental crust. This is due to the fact that Silicon Dioxide (quartz) is chemically inert (non reactive).

When this crystal is subjected to intense heat and/or pressure, or has inclusions of certain minerals (impurities), new, rarer crystals are formed. These include rose quartz, amythest, and citrine.



Hardness: 7

Colour: Clear-white

Lustre: Vitreous

Chemical Composition: SiO₂



.Amplifies the energy of other stones

.Helps to reveal the truth

.Aids in organizing

.Is a cleansing stone

.Releases blocked emotions

.Increases clarity of thought and unlocks memory

.Helps to reveal the truth (is often used in scrying)

.Amplifies personal energy and thoughts

.Stimulates the immune system

.Draws off negative energies

Quartz points and pendulums are extremely useful in aiding with these healing processes.



Quartz is useful on the third-eye, or crown, chakra for clarity.



The Essential Crystal Handbook – Simon and Sue Lilly

Kiara James