About Us

Our Philosophy

The Vasi Centre strives to bring together conventional healthcare practitioners with those working in the alternative and holistic healthcare area’s. Ultimately we strive to give the power of choice back to the individual.


The Centre…

The Vasi Centre is a new and unique information centre in the early stages of development. It is the only centre in Western Australia and one of only a few in the southern hemisphere.

The Vasi Centre aims to be a not-for-profit facility providing a wide range of well-researched, impartial information to patients and families as well as health care professionals.

The Vasi Centre is a whole health information centre combining western medicine and holistic and alternative therapies to support the healing of diagnosed illnesses or injuries.

We provide information on therapies and access to verified practitioners in your local area.

The Vasi Centre is not limited to diagnosed illnesses or injuries but looks at all aspects of prevention and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.



• At this early stage, the Vasi Centre is primarily focused on building an online presence and establishing a consistent revenue stream. Hosting events, we provide information on all aspects of health and healing to the public, healthcare professionals and researchers.


• Phase two will see the construction of a custom-built venue.

• We will provide a serene environment to participate in exercise programs and activities, sample alternative healing & products, listen to both scientists and professional leaders explaining the benefits of their craft or just enjoy a healthy meal whilst making these events available to everyone in our community.

• We aim to showcase the leaders in their fields in a non-judgmental environment that is purely information based, bringing back the old while keeping pace with the new, providing people with choices.


• Create new programs, in conjunction with practitioners of all modalities, and our academic’s in the area of mental wellness specifically, to both compliment and extend existing programs and fill our community needs.